SEOExplode Recommends On-Site Content Promotion for Best SEO Results

As a trusted SEO company, SEOExplode recommends the implementation of four strategies to get the most effective results from your SEO efforts. One of which is the on-site content promotion or blog.

On-Site Content Promotion (Blog)

Experts have always emphasized how important it is for businesses to have its own blog and to publish a blog post at least once a week. It is a proven SEO practice that every client must perform. And those who did are likely to benefit from increased traffic to their website within a 6-month period. If done properly, the traffic you are receiving will even double in just a year.

The question now is, how does SEO deliver such results through your blog? It brings a stream of new visitors to your site.

seo companyFor a business, new visitors are considered as the key. Through your SEO efforts, you are able to drive new visitors to your Blog page, which is how your blog’s loyal readership is further built. The more you attract them, the more your blog grows. This means, a lot of possible conversions – regular readers – is realized in the end as well.

By adding a blog into your business site, you also get access to tools you can use to create valuable content that both page visitors and search engines enjoy. So, yes, a blog is not just an extra page integrated into a site to make it look complete. It has a deeper purpose which is also the key to boosting your visibility online. A blog achieves that by engaging your visitors while boosting your SEO.

Setting up a Blog that Effectively Delivers SEO Results

The first step is to determine what you want to achieve by adding a blog page to your site. There are a lot of possible reasons, but regardless of what it is, you need to set both short and long term goals based on it. Next, you need to have a theme and add elements such as colors and logos to help with your branding efforts. You may also add an opt-in form to collect email subscribers if you prefer, which you should since it is an effective means to growing your mailing list. After all, your email list is the easiest means to reach your customers whenever you like. Lastly, you need to produce strategic content that are aimed at helping people.

Writing Blog Posts that Engage Visitors and Boost SEO
Generate Your Concept

Ensuring that your blog posts are SEO-friendly is a must. But more than that, each of your posts must have a purpose too. That is why it is important to have a well-thought idea before you start writing. The idea must be distinct. The best way you can generate such is to refer to your reader’s feedback, identify a known problem in the industry or look into your competition analysis. Once you have a concrete idea, start your research.
Writing the Post

•Choosing Keywords – Use keywords that are highly relevant to your topic. If you don’t know what those keywords are, you can use a Keyword Tool to identify those that are worth using. When incorporating keywords, ensure that they are used naturally to avoid getting penalized by Google and ruining your efforts.

•Meta Description – The purpose of adding this is for search engines to find your posts easily. To add a meta description, just give a summary of what your blog is all about and incorporate your keyword.

•Title – The headline must be below 65 characters long, including your chosen keyword. Create a title that captures both your blog’s key concept and reader’s interest.

•Proper Format – Keep your content long, but meaningful since such posts are those that often rank well on search engines. Ensure that your post is scan-friendly by using short paragraphs, block quotes or bullet points. This way, even if most people only read 28% of words in a post, they will still easily pick up the important points.

•Use Images – Keep in mind that posts with images tend to get popular than those without. So before publishing your posts, look for images that fit your brand, add captions that make use of your keyword and don’t forget to credit your sources.

While it is already enough to have a properly-written and SEO-friendly post, you also want to get the most readers once it is posted. You can achieve that by publishing your posts during peak periods. If you want your blog posts to have a broader reach, make sure to share your content on social media networks too. All those practices above are applied by SEOExplode when promoting blogs to ensure that only the expected and best SEO results are received by clients.

Weighing Your Internet Marketing Options Today – SEO Services or DIY

It happens on a daily basis, an entrepreneur or small business owner finally gets the word about their website. The new design is ready to go, it’s going to launch soon and the future is looking brighter than ever. Ecstatic, they go to the site and all is in place, looking amazing and ready to showcase to the world. The digital doors open up and the harsh reality of internet sites today starts to settle in. If you set up a website right now, even if it’s done by award winning designers, you may get zero response. This is not said here to discourage you from pursuing a website, instead, it’s to help you understand the simple fact that you need internet marketing. Whether you want to battle it out on your own or you want to hire SEO services, you absolutely need to weigh your options overall.

Understanding The Need For Internet Marketing

Every company in the world has to think about advertising at one point or another. Some held out for years without doing so, but eventually, no matter how big a business gets, they will need to spend money on advertising. This is not a detriment, but it definitely changes the landscape for many entrepreneurs today. You may not have a huge budget for ads, and you may not know how to go about marketing your efforts to the masses, which is definitely difficult to start with if you’re not sure what to do.

seoIf you end up going with a traditional option, buying banner ads somewhere, you will find that they don’t really work in today’s landscape. Sure, there are some companies that swear by these, but more often than not, you are going to find yourself amidst lackluster attention if any at all. The present world of advertising hinges on SEO services, and more specifically internet marketing.

SEO Is Easy (So They Say)

Speak to anyone that is a little web savvy and they’ll immediately tell you how easy it is to do SEO, and why you don’t need to hire SEO services at all. This is rampant online, and anyone with a blog will immediately give you a link to where you can purchase their definitive work on the subject. The modern day “snake oil” salesman is alive and well, and they are selling eBooks on how you can optimize your page for maximum traffic.

The truth about this is simple, you can do a lot of the optimization yourself, but it’s not only time consuming it’s going to be ineffective over time. The reason why you may want to explore procuring SEO services is because it will save you time, money, and frustration when algorithms shift in search engines.

It’s Not Just Google

Earlier this year a lot of DIY experts and bloggers were riding high on a deluge of traffic that they had basically stolen from using underhanded SEO methodology. The traffic was nice, the payouts were huge, and then it all collapsed. Google and other search engines decided to completely change the way they serve ads, and penalized all sites (yes all) that used underhanded tactics. What happened next forced many to close up shop completely, as they ran out of traffic, and some were no longer even listed in search results for their own domain names.

To avoid that fate, you will need to hire SEO services that know what they are doing. Paying attention to changes, fixing links, updating pages, and working within the rules that are set up for all search platforms is the goal of a quality service. If you focus on DIY, you cannot have your eyes on these things, and still run your business properly. It’s just too difficult to manage.

4 Things Clients Should Demand From SEO Services

Consumers often times assume that they are at a loss when hiring SEO services. In fact, many are meek and mild, assuming that they just pay someone to work on their optimization, and hope for the best. When you hire someone to work with optimization strategies, and internet marketing, you should never feel like you’re gambling. When you’re playing roulette, you’re hoping that your bet wins and 99% of the time, it doesn’t hit. That’s not what search engine optimization is about, however, some consumers feel that it’s just that.

The truth of the matter is actually quite different. You will want to look into several different things before and after you hire an expert in this type of marketing. There are no less than 4 things that every client should demand from the SEO services that they’ve trusted their brand to. No matter what niche you’re in, or what industry your business is a part of, it’s imperative that certain measures are taken to establish quality service. Without doing this, several negative things could ensue.

4 Things You Should Demand From SEO Services

A Full Report of Procedures

You don’t necessarily need a huge book or anything like that, but you will need to know exactly what is being done with your money. If you’re spending money on any type of optimization, you should have full, transparent reporting. Without a report of how the company is working for you, you’ll be in the dark. Being in the dark when it comes to your website and brand is a good way to end up losing clients and falling to the wayside a midst heavy competition. Make absolute sure that you are in the know, ask for reports often, and if there is no such reporting or any way to keep you in the loop of how they are optimizing your brand’s website, walk away, fire them.

Realistic Answers To Your Questions

The first question that you should ask is simple, what kind of traffic should I expect? If the answer is vague, or they try to tell you that you’ll see huge increases, don’t believe them. No one can truly gauge how many hits you will receive, but there should be a relatively modest ball park figure. This is based solely on the idea that you’ll be hiring SEO services to work with only optimization. If you are hiring someone to do more than that, including ad placement, internet marketing, social media, and more, then a higher number will definitely be required. In fact, you may even get hundreds of thousands of hits. However, if you’re not paying for extras, then realistic metrics should be part of the answers.

English Only Backlinks

One thing that you should demand from SEO services is English language backlinks. This should not be too much to ask. The reason this is done is because there are a lot of websites that are being squeezed for SEO and are not even relevant to your site. Don’t be fooled, shortcuts will not pay off in regards to optimization, and search engines are starting to pick up on these games. Fight your way back to something better, avoid foreign language sites unless you can absolutely confirm that they are relevant to your page.

Results Over Time

In the end, you will need to make sure that you’re demanding results. If you’ve hired SEO services in the past, present, or are planning on doing so in the future, make sure that you are guaranteed a set of results. There has to be something to show you for the money you’re spending. Do not let anyone avoid this, and do not accept “no” for an answer. Even if the results are modest, there should be some guarantee for the work that is being done. If results don’t manifest, then try a different service.